Linda McCartney on Tour 


I’m chuffed to bits with this charity shop find. I’ve been buying Linda McCartney vegan foods for years so it’s great to have this. Although it is a vegetarian recipe book with 200 meat-free dishes, 165 of them are marked as vegan, so most of them are dairy and egg free. The rest could probably easily be subbed with other ingredients. It was published in 1998.


7 thoughts on “Linda McCartney on Tour 

    1. Plant Power UK

      No, I haven’t tried any yet, but I know it’ll be the falafel recipe first. All the recipes look and sound brilliant, and very importantly are simple and straightforward to make – should be fun!

      1. Falafel is my go to food! I am obsessed with it! I love those kinds of cookbooks unfortunately you have a lot of books where they ask for obscure ingredients that you really can’t reuse for anything else.

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