Roast Dinners

It’s Sunday and it feels like Autumn is here, so how can we resist a classic British roast but done the plantpowered way!

We’ve been eating potato wedges a bit more frequently now it’s turned cold. It seems like a healthy way of eating roast potatoes without loads of oil.

I  cut the white and sweet potatoes into large wedge shapes after washing/scrubbing and drying the skin. Oil the roasting dish with a very small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Place the wedges in the pan and sprinkle some garlic granules and herbes de provence over the top. Roast for about 35-40 minutes at 200C. No need to turn them or anything!

I baked some tofu at the same time for a similar 30 minutes or so. Oil another pan with a brush. Place your drained and sliced tofu slices in the pan and sprinkle over some salt and spices of your choice. I used some bbq spices with a touch of heat – so good. Remember to turn the tofu slices over about half way through so you end up with some crispiness on both sides.

Add to that some greens of your choice (we had steamed kale) and some gravy and you’re away!


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