Ethos Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant, London


Ethos is on Eastcastle Street, behind Oxford Street, in Central London, UK. It is a self-service vegetarian and vegan restaurant, a little like Tibits on Heddon Street, but smaller.

There are three food islands, two with hot and cold savoury dishes, and one for dessert. There was a great selection of hot and cold – everything is vegetarian and most of it is also vegan. Everything that is vegan is labelled as such, just watch you read the right label, I nearly made a mistake once or twice!


This was my vegan meal. It cost £12.03 + £1.00 for a sparkling water with ice and lemon. It was delicious!

Ethos has a bright clean interior with comfortable seating and table spacing. However it is busy at lunchtime so be prepared to move on as soon as you have finished your meal (or dawdle over eating!).



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