Do You Love Kale?

If you’re a kale lover you’ve probably tried all sorts of different ways to eat it, steamed, in stir fries… but have you tried it raw? Do try it, it’s absolutely delicious.

Pick over your kale and discard any rough stems, you only want the fresh leafy bits. Place in a bowl. A few handfuls should do for two people. By the way, this keeps really well in the fridge too.

You will need a ratio of 1 portion of extra virgin olive oil to 1/2 portion of lemon juice, plus Himalayan pink salt.

Mix 2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil with 1 Tbsp lemon juice + salt, then drizzle over the kale. Stir it all up thoroughly and keep turning until all the leaves are well coated. Leave to stand for 30 minutes, the kale will soften up a little.

I finished this kale up tonight with some chopped cherry tomatoes – just gorgeous.



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