Vegan in Stockholm

We were only in Stockholm for a short while recently, but managed to find a couple of ace places to eat vegan. One was a raw food cafe, the other was a hot cooked food eatery. Wherever your vegan tastes lie, you really couldn’t beat the food we were served – it was excellent!

If you’re into raw vegan food then try the Bliss Cafe – I had the lunch plate: a selection of three raw dishes which change every day. The day I was there it was kale salad, cauliflower tabbouleh, curried courgette, hummus from sunflower seeds and raw crackers; followed by a raw energy bar + seed cake; all accompanied by a large cup of herbal tea and a huge smile from the owners! The price was around the £8 to £9 mark for the lunch plate, which is ok for Stockholm.

Here are a few photos to give you a feel for the place:






The second restaurant we visited was called Chutney – every hot meal on offer the day we visited was vegan, although they call themselves a vegetarian restaurant. Again, you select your plate of food and then move across to the self-service bar for free bread, crackers, dips, sauces, fruited water, coffee, etc. You can go up for seconds of your main dish completely free (only my husband managed that – it was a very filling plate of food!). There were spicy and less spicy options of curries, stews, bean dishes, etc. A meal for four, including two shared desserts, was less than £10 per head, which was really reasonable.

The restaurant lighting was low-light so I wasn’t able to take any decent photos inside, it was also grey outside so the two photos of the outside of Chutney are all I have:




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