Perfectly Easy Tofu Slices


Perfectly Easy Tofu Slices + A Little Blog Anniversary!

It’s two years since I started blogging as The Vegan Green on WordPress – doesn’t time fly! So to celebrate here is a very easy way to create lovely crispy tofu slices – it’s so simple, you can’t go wrong. The outside is browned and the inside retains the natural softness of tofu. Some people find it is an acquired taste, but persevere you will grow to love it.

We are extremely lucky to have someone who makes organic tofu almost literally on our doorstep and it is definitely the best I’ve eaten. The tofu used in this recipe is a smoked one, but you could just as easily use an unsmoked one.

Heat your oven to 200C. Oil an oven sheet with your preferred oil – I used walnut oil as we love the flavour. Line up your sliced tofu and place in the oven for about 20 minutes, or until it has browned and turned crispy. Turn the slices over after 10 minutes. The tofu slices are great with your favourite sauce, mine is served with tomato ketchup!



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