Tibits + Inspiral – London – Vegan Dining

I went on a little trip to London on my way somewhere else, thinking I would only be able to visit one or the other of the above restaurants. As it turned out, I went to Tibits on the way up, then Inspiral on the way back – well you wouldn’t want to miss out on eating vegan food would you!

Interestingly, the food at each eatery was excellent – both served high quality food. However, the environment was completely different in each. Tibits is in Heddon Street, just off Regent Street, and the restaurant reflects this by being smart, modern and clean. Tibits had the better selection of vegetarian and vegan options, too many to taste all of them. You take a plate and help yourself – the plate is then weighed and you pay according to weight.

This is my daughter’s vegetarian selection (cost £11)


This is my vegan selection (cost £13)


Heddon Street is a little oasis of calm in the middle of a hectic Central London.



This is the outside of Inspiral in Camden High Street. It looks out over the canal.


Inspiral reflects its Camden Lock environment in that it is very busy, a little scruffy and laid back all at once. I had a huge plate of three types of salad and it was delicious. I didn’t keep the receipt but think it cost around the £7 to £8 mark (sorry for the blurry photo).


I had the chocolate cheesecake (coconut based) for pudding, and I can safely say that it was the best vegan dessert I’ve eaten out – so delicious! Again, costwise it was in the £2.75 range.


Look what I spotted in Camden Lock while doing a bit of shopping!



11 thoughts on “Tibits + Inspiral – London – Vegan Dining

  1. Tibits is one of my favorites to visit in London. I’ll have to try Inspiral now too!

    Have you tried The Coach and Horses? Apparently it is “London’s first vegetarian pub.” When I went I had the vegan “tofush and chips” which I thought were really tasty!

    1. The Veggie Green

      No, I haven’t tried The Coach and Horses – will have to try that next. Thanks for the suggestion!

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