Daily Vegan Food Influences and Resources

I thought it was time to ‘put pen to paper’ and write about some of the things that have inspired me and contributed to my vegan food life. It’s been ever-changing, and evolves constantly, something that seems surprising. I expected ‘vegan’ to be and stay ‘vegan’, but there are so many different angles, and people approach veganism from so many differing directions.

The purpose of this post is simply to highlight some of the websites and blogs that I refer to on a daily basis for ideas for recipes… for inspiration when I have a large vegetable in my fridge and it needs eating up today before it goes past its best, for example!

The key is often just in the spicing. I’m a lot more adventurous with food these days. Quite often when I do the weekly food shop, I just walk around the fresh vegetable stalls and pick and choose vegetables that look appealing and fresh. Then I have to decide what to do with them when I get home. This is where these lovely blogs and websites come in handy!

I’m not going to list many, because Google can do a very good job of doing that for you. I often just input the ingredients I want to use, and press search. The following blogs or websites are places to go for inspiration, for ideas, for beautiful food photography… and sometimes, but not always, for recipes.


Take a look… need I say more! Fresh food and beautiful photography is what you’ll find here. Let it inspire you to eat better.


This website has a brilliant recipe section. All the recipes are easy to follow and use ingredients most people are likely to have in their store cupboard.


Again, the Happy Herbivore has a wonderful recipe section. I’ve often bought the meal plans and have found them invaluable in our bid to follow a healthy plant based lifestyle.

That’s it – it’s not a huge list. I would love to hear about your recommendations, please do leave yours in the comments section below, or tweet me @TheVeggieGreen.


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