Pak Choi

Tonight’s meal was interesting, it wasn’t quite what we were expecting!

I spent quite a bit of time leafing through The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone looking for inspiration. The pak choi recipe sounded good, it was a sort of hot salad.

Hubs and I both ate it, and described it as ‘weird’, not exactly a brilliant recommendation but we did enjoy it! It may be because we didn’t have any umeboshi vinegar (never heard of it!) or flaxseed oil, so used extra virgin olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

I steamed the pak choi for two minutes, then laid it out in a long dish and sprinkled 2 tsp acv + 2 tsp evoo mixed over the top. I then scattered some ground toasted sesame seeds and salt over the pak choi. The sesame seeds had been toasted in the oven and once cool ground up a little with some salt in a pestle and mortar.






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