Saturday Stirfry Vegetarian / Vegan

I used my new pestle and mortar to prepare our meal last night, it was a great success!


The pic is of the crushed fresh garlic and ginger – it smelled oh so good – I love that doing it this way releases all the flavours, scents and oils.

It was added to the stirfried vegetables we had for dinner.


We had broccoli, courgette, onion, carrot, red and yellow pepper, cashew nuts, with brown rice. The flavouring was a combination of the crushed garlic and ginger, the juice of 1 lemon, tamari and a tsp of chilli powder – so good…

Oh, and how could I forget… a random piccie of our cat!



10 thoughts on “Saturday Stirfry Vegetarian / Vegan

  1. Penniless Veggie

    Haha I love seeing other peoples kittys on their veg blogs! Glad to see your enjoying your new kitchen tool, and you’re dead right there is something really satisfying about mashing up your herbs by hand.

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