Pestle and Mortar


Lovely new present from my mother! I have lots of ideas, but would love to hear your suggestions for how to get the most out of it!


4 thoughts on “Pestle and Mortar

  1. Penniless Veggie

    It’s beautifully crafted pestle and mortar, so attractive and ergonomic too. I have like three of the things, all second hand or gifts. I’ve used them to crush toasted spices for curry, to make mayonnaise, to make aioli, to make vinaigrette, to mix bath salts with essential oils, to make skordalia.. Can’t think what else. Never used for nuts or pesto though.

    1. The Veggie Green

      Gosh you’ve used them for quite a few things, that’s given me lots of ideas, thanks! Planning to try pesto once I’ve been shopping and got some fresh herbs!

  2. afellowsapient

    One of the most effective and efficient ways you can use your mortar & pestle is to buy spices whole; whole cloves, star anise, allspice, etc. and crush the spices as you need them. Whole spices, when crushed release there flavors more richly than if you bought them pre-ground. In addition, whole spices tend to last longer than pre-ground ones. However, today, most people have spice grinders for that. The charm in owning one is holding closely to ancient traditions, that is doing things the old fashion way which is a principle used in Kansha (Japanese cooking). Some people believe foods taste better when no short cuts are taken. But that is a matter of perspective.

    1. The Veggie Green

      That’s great feedback, thank you very much! I’ll look to buy some whole spices to try out. It’s lovely to do everything fresh.

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