Product Review – Deodorant (Vegan + Cruelty Free)

Occasionally I like to do a review of a beauty or personal care product that I’ve bought. It may interest those who like using products with as few ingredients as possible.

This is a deodorant that contains no aluminium salts, something that a lot of people would like to avoid. Unfortunately aluminium features in a lot of high street brands. In the past I’ve tried various natural deodorant sticks/roll-ons, NONE of which worked, pretty unpleasant for everyone. This one however really does work.

I found it on sale at a recent vegan fair. As far as I’m aware it is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free (this is from the stall holder), there are no cruelty-free symbols, but I checked on the website and they do have a statement. If you know otherwise, please let me know.

The Aloe Ever-Shield is a deodorant stick, in other words not a liquid roll-on. The seller herself uses it and says it’s good value as it lasts about 9 months. The price is quite steep, £6.00, but it works so I think it’s worth it.




8 thoughts on “Product Review – Deodorant (Vegan + Cruelty Free)

  1. HI Nicole yes it is a shame these items are so expensive, but sometimes you have no choice as here there are not many around. I think more blogs should post these kinds of products as it is hard to find vegan toiletries. There is an Australian brand which I buy all my stuff from now. Even at the markets we buy soap which is vegan and costs about 5 pound for 3 and they are very good, lather up well and the almost smell sooooo good you think you could eat them :) hope you are well :)

    1. The Veggie Green

      Good thanks! I don’t mind paying for a good product, it’s worth it. I know what you mean about some of the handmade soaps, smell yummy! :)

      1. I am the same. It’s funny when you become vegan or even vegetarian you discover so many things you didn’t know existed in products. It forces you to read and educate yourself about all of the animal parts and bad things their are in products. This goes for medicines and toiletries. Like I said I do like posts like yours as it is not just about eating its about everything.

  2. I’ve been wanting to find a vegan deodorant. No one wears deodorant here in Spain :( but I do! Nice it has very simple ingredients! Does it leave a stain on your shirt? I hate when it does. Thanks for the wonderful review ;)

    1. The Veggie Green

      Thanks for your comments! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and as far as I’m aware it doesn’t leave any stains/marks. One of the questions I asked the seller was would it leave white marks on black and she said no, so hopefully it should all be ok! (It’s hot in Spain…!!!)

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