A little Sunday Catch-Up

It’s lovely to be enjoying a proper British summer, it feels like we’ve waited years for this! However, doesn’t it get hot in the kitchen?! We had a barbecue and sat out in the garden for supper the other night – bliss. Vegan-friendly Linda McCartney sausages were delicious with a nice smokey flavour.

Sunday’s dinner was a little odd owing to a surplus of coconut, mushroom and cashew risotto. I couldn’t face eating exactly the same thing again so it went in the food processor – mashed it up with a little water, grabbed a handful, shaped it into a patty and baked them in the oven on a baking sheet. They were surprisingly good!


Pudding was an old favourite: gooey chocolate cake. I’ve made it several times before and it is always delicious, if a little messy to eat! You can find the recipe here


Everytime I make this cake I say to myself “make the chocolate icing/sauce a little less runny” by putting less or no milk in it… and everytime I forget, as you can see from the photo. However, I have to say that having lots of chocolate sauce keeps the cake moist.

Here’s wishing you all a great week ahead!


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