Rocket and Walnut Pesto Sauce

Day Four of Sauces, and we’re definitely on a roll here!!!

You can never have too many vegan pesto sauce recipes – we love pesto in our household, and making your own gives you the freedom to make it as strong and flavoursome as you like!

Ingredients list (use as much or as little as you like!)

Lemon juice
Olive oil

Chop up your walnuts and garlic and put in a bowl. Next step is the rocket. My mother taught me a very useful tip, which I’ve passed on to my daughters. To finely chop any type of herb or salad leaf (like rocket), stuff handfuls into a tumbler type glass, take some big kitchen scissors and chop everything up in the glass! This is so much easier than chopping it all up with a knife on a board.

Add the rocket and the rest of the ingredients to the bowl, stir and leave to marinate for a while, allowing all the flavours to infuse.

Serve over pasta or spaghetti.


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