Great day in London today!

20130601-070756 PM.jpg

20130601-070835 PM.jpg

We went wandering around the areas behind the main Covent Garden market and found this lovely little square, so peaceful, quiet and brightly coloured! All Londoners will probably know it very well as Neals Yard! Also spotted The Wild Food Cafe there too. We weren’t eating til later so weren’t able to visit for food on this occasion.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been for a pizza, so after reading that Pizza Express pizza bases are vegan I thought it time for a pizza – delicious thin bases too, just asked for the cheese to be left off. The raspberry sorbet for dessert was really fruity and refreshing, just remember to give the chocolate stick it comes with to a non-vegan!


19 thoughts on “Great day in London today!

  1. Hey awesome photos.. Takes me back to when I lived in London :) sounds like you had a super nice time.. It’s a kind of cool place to live and explore areas.. :) nice post !!

      1. Yes it’s paradise. I read somewhere that we have more sunshine than the bahamas and I remember as kid playing cricket with some friends from there who told me about the tropical palm trees, golden sandy beaches bathed in sunshine. I always wanted to live in a place like that… I suppose I prefer the outdoors than being stuck inside :) you too live in a beautiful part of the UK ? I have been there too lol

      2. The Vegan Green

        Haha, think you’re well-travelled!!! Yes, Devon is beautiful too, it actually feels like summer now the sun’s out :)

  2. yojgui

    I miss London! I used to live 5 minutes away from Covent Garden :( so much easier to be vegetarian there than in Spaaaain lol nice pictures

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