Spicy Beanburgers + Sweet Potato Fries (Oil-Free)

Hi, something very odd happened with the above-named post, so I’m re-posting with the link http://thevegangreen.com/2013/05/21/spicy-beanburgers-sweet-potato-fries-oil-free/

Will that work, or is WordPress (or more likely me) having a ‘moment’??!!!

Hope you’re all having great days :)


5 thoughts on “Spicy Beanburgers + Sweet Potato Fries (Oil-Free)

    1. The Vegan Green

      Yes it’s certainly done a couple of strange things to my posts recently! Nevermind… got there in the end :)

      1. When I first started blogging with WordPress I almost headed off to Blogger I was that frustrated! The problems seemed to ease off a bit but sometimes things just go a bit crazy for a while…pity they don’t think of telling we bloggers isn’t it? ;)

    1. The Vegan Green

      I’m going to make the beanburgers again this week – you could probably use any beans you fancy – might try chickpeas next time!

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