Monday Catchup

I was going to blog today about a possible new dip or spread for bread, but have to admit to feeling a bit jaded/tired after a busy weekend away! Hubs and I did a lot of driving over the weekend to get to a lovely wedding reception in Bradford, UK.

I thought you might like to see a piccie of the most amazing chandelier in a very grand ballroom – a superb setting for a wedding!

20130429-042802 PM.jpg

Sadly, the food was pretty predictable. I ended up eating a few lettuce leaves for lunch (why are people so obssessed with eating dairy?) and rice/chips with tomato and cucumber in the evening! However the fruit salad for dessert was delicious and fresh!

I did a bit of food shopping today and stocked up on some organic cupboard staples – cannellini beans, green lentils, cashew nuts, almonds, black rice, bread flour, and a beautiful organic butternut squash which was calling to me! So a few dishes coming up at the end of the week. We have a bank holiday this next weekend in the UK, so we’re all looking forward to three days off!

20130429-043757 PM.jpg

I’ve never cooked with black rice before, so if you have any useful tips or recipe suggestions please do leave them in the comments below!

À bientôt!


8 thoughts on “Monday Catchup

  1. Well at least you had nice surroundings to look at while you munched your lettuce leaf… :/ Eating out is a nightmare in some places- makes you realise how backward the UK actually still is about food. I once requested a vegan Christmas dinner at a Uni do in Liverpool and got a blob of warm hummus with my roast potatoes and boiled veg- yeuch! Birmingham, where I live now, is quite good, however. We have Manic Organic, Veged out and The Warehouse plus loads of pure veg Indian takeaways and restaurants with plenty of vegan options.There’s even 2 veggie pizza takeaways which do vegan pizzas…

    1. The Vegan Green

      Wow, sounds like you’re spoilt for choice, lucky you :) On the whole, I prefer to eat at home… just so much easier! Although looking forward to trying out Loving Hut in London!

  2. Cheers for following The Road To Serendipity :). I just started following your blog (through RSS Feed Reader). I am vegan and Steve is Omni and we live in Tassie where being vegan is like admitting you come from Mars ;). We vegan’s scuttle around under the radar here where the lumberjacks and miners all BIG eaters of meat live. I love finding good vegan blogs and discovered yours a couple of days ago. Love your blog and your posts. Thank you for sharing a U.K. perspective. Steve is from Liverpool (lived most of his life in Essex though) and I am an Aussie so reading about “The Old Country” is most interesting :). Again, cheers for following us :)

    1. The Vegan Green

      Hi, thanks a lot for your kind words, I’m looking forward to reading your posts too! Yes sometimes you do tend to keep the ‘I am vegan’ to yourself – I often go down the route of ‘Is there any dairy in that?’ and go from there. Mind you even that baffled the staff at the wedding reception!!! :)

      1. I always take my own food. I used to work in the hospitality industry and when they say “No dairy in that” they are just saying “How the heck would I know? I don’t care…just EAT IT!” ;). Better safe than sorry as my nan used to say ;)

      2. The Vegan Green

        I did have some emergency oat cakes and peanut butter + fruit back at the hotel, so we nipped out for some snacks!!!

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