Face Mask – Vegan

This is a first for me – thought I’d do a product review of a vegan beauty item for a change! I bought this online for personal use, so I paid for it, it has not been sent to me to review or anything like that.

The product is a Detoxifying Face & Body Mask by Heavenly Organics Skin Care. The label reads handmade for you, 100% organic & natural ingredients, and has the Vegan Society logo. The only disclaimer is avoid use during pregnancy. It has two ingredients and that’s it: calcium bentonite clay, laminaria japonica (kelp) powder organic. It comes in powder form and you mix it up with a bit of water – best to read the instructions on the label.

I used the product as a face mask and absolutely loved it. It was easy to mix and simple to apply. It also washes off quite easily. It left my skin feeling very clean and once I’d slathered on the moisturiser, it felt completely refreshed – lovely!

My skin is a pretty average type, possibly tending towards a little dry, but definitely very sensitive to perfume. As a result I always buy unperfumed moisturisers etc. The face mask caused no skin reactions whatsoever so I was very pleased with that! The face & body mask cost £6.99, and postage was free.

Heavenly Organics can be found at http://www.heavenly-organics.com, on twitter @heavenlyskin, and on Facebook Heavenly Organics Skin Care.

Here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of what the product looks like:

20130424-112711 AM.jpg

20130424-113246 AM.jpg


4 thoughts on “Face Mask – Vegan

    1. The Vegan Green

      Thank you Sophie, you’re very kind, it really is a good product! My skin still feels soft a few days later :)

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