Sprouted Chickpeas

20130318-024044 PM.jpg

I’ve started experimenting with sprouting and started with chickpeas – definitely a huge learning curve! However, after six days of soaking and rinsing (24 hours soaking/5 days rinsing) my chickpeas looked ready to taste! Wow, was I surprised – they had a really pleasant sweet crunchy taste.

Big question – how to eat them? It was cold at lunchtime, so I decided to have soup. I added the sprouted chickpeas to the soup and warmed them through – delicious! I can honestly recommend you try this.

My next batch of beans are already in the jar and are at the rinsing stage – this time it’s mung beans.


9 thoughts on “Sprouted Chickpeas

  1. I love the look of your soup! It looks like your greens are collard wraps? I’m also doing some sprouting – brown rice – to make rejuvelac for some vegan cheese. Hopefully will have it at the end of this week.

    1. The Vegan Green

      I used spring greens (UK) which I think is collard greens (USA)?? I’ve followed your blog – hope you will post your recipe?!

  2. Penniless Veggie

    Yay for sprouted chickpeas, I remember making a live hummus with them once. Just puree up with oil, garlic, salt lemon juice – I *think* there was yoghurt in the mix too to add the creamy texture you usually get from cooked processed chickpeas but which is lacking in the sprouted ones, I think soy cream cheese or soy yoghurt would work there. Good time to start sprouting things, think I’ll get the chickpeas out! Don’t forget to shove them in stir fries too.

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