Green Lentil Soup

20130226-022446 PM.jpg

It’s still really cold in the UK so soup is still something I love for any meal, be it lunch or supper! This is a green lentil soup with bags of flavour!

Lately I’ve been saving my vegetable water and freezing it in tubs for use later in soups or stews. This works really well at adding flavour to these dishes and has the advantage of not wasting anything!

For the soup, I unfroze a batch of water drained from potato and sweet potato mash, plus some water used to steam kale. To this I added about half a cup of rinsed green lentils, a teaspoon each of za’atar, turmeric and vegetable bouillon. I simmered the mix for about 45 minutes, and then roughly stick-blended it. This makes two bowls. Absolutely delicious and so much flavour!

This is a pic of the za’atar herb mix I used:

20130226-023341 PM.jpg

It has marjoram, sesame seeds, olive oil, sumac and sea salt.


8 thoughts on “Green Lentil Soup

    1. The Vegan Green

      Yes za’atar is good! I haven’t tried it as a dip for bread yet – apparently it works well mixed with a little olive oil

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