Pak Choi + Aubergine: Vegetable Side Dishes

20130223-081851 PM.jpg

I was looking for some vegetable dishes to accompany our evening meal – something a little different to make a change. My husband was having pie and I was having a spicey bean burger, both shop bought, so we needed a vegetable dish to cheer up the meal a bit.

This is where the pak choi and aubergine came in! I lightly stirfried the pak choi in a wok with a little rapeseed oil (apparently it’s the best all-round everyday oil). I added some ground garlic, soy sauce and black pepper.

The aubergine was cooked in the oven. I cut it into thick slices, basted each side with extra virgin oil, sprinkled ground garlic, salt and pepper on the top, and put it in the top of the oven at 200C for about 15-20 minutes. Turn the pieces over half way through cooking. The baked aubergine came out beautifully! It should be lightly toasted on the outside. When you cut into it, it should be lovely and soft inside. It was really really tasty!

I served both the pak choi and baked aubergine on a bed of brown rice.


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