Chocolate Fudge Cake

I made this chocolate fudge cake today for Sunday lunch. It turned out to be a huge cake, very gooey… and delicious!!!

The recipe can be found here:

20130203-082522 PM.jpg

20130203-082845 PM.jpg


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Cake

    1. The Vegan Green

      It’s kept really well, held together nicely and wasn’t too heavy, will definitely make it again! No exaggeration, it really is a huge cake – that’s why there’s still some left two days later!!!

      1. That even better to have cake for a few days :) Have you ever given a vegan cake to a omnivore without them know it is vegan ? (You probably have) Its interesting how many people think without eggs butter milk you cannot bake a good cake :) Nice Job PS MY name is Thomas and I know your name can’t be The Vegan Green :)

      2. The Vegan Green

        Haha… Hello Thomas, you’re right, I’m Nicole… yes, generally people think you can’t make a good cake without animal products – this cake proves them wrong!!! By the way, I omitted the soaking mix in the recipe, the cake looked moist enough as it was :)

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