My daughter and I had a meal at Wahaca, Southbank, London this weekend. It was great! I had no idea what to expect, but was very pleasantly surprised. There is a whole separate list for those who have allergies, or are vegan/vegetarian. It shows you what each dish contains and whether it can be veganised – superb!

These are the photos from our visit, starting with the vegan burrito, and followed by snapshots of the restaurant.

20121203-055204 PM.jpg

20121203-055224 PM.jpg

20121203-055242 PM.jpg

20121203-055257 PM.jpg

20121203-055309 PM.jpg

I’ve added a short film of how Wahaca, Southbank Experiment, was built.


2 thoughts on “Wahaca

  1. looks like a good day out. Yes I feel the same when you can get a problem free vegan lunch without going jumping though hoops makes the day an even better one :) Do you find here are more and more vegan options in the eateries to you visit ?

    1. The Vegan Green

      Yes, I think there seems to be a growing awareness of vegan food, along with allergies – just shows it always pays to ask questions! :)

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