Beautiful Days Festival 2012

We had a superb weekend at the Beautiful Days festival! It was their 10th anniversary, and it was one that even the organisers (The Levellers) thought they might not reach! Ten years of putting on some of the best bands around, some recent and some not so recent bands…

I should’ve taken my camera but didn’t, so when my phone ran out of battery at the end of the first day, I was unable to take any photos of all the lovely vegan festival food on offer (bad planning on my part!).

So we’ll have to be content with a few shots taken around the site on the first day as the sun was going down!

There was mud of course (wouldn’t be a uk festival without it!)

20120820-045441 PM.jpg

There were some incredibly long dreadlocks, stages, and bands playing…

20120820-045733 PM.jpg

There were the usual bonkers hats

20120820-045950 PM.jpg

Drums and hi-viz clothes in the children’s field

20120820-050141 PM.jpg

Lots of graffiti art for the kids and anyone who fancied a go

20120820-050431 PM.jpg

Light up art installations, very pretty at night

20120820-050732 PM.jpg


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