Pub Meal

We went out for a lovely meal tonight to celebrate a birthday. Our first choice of restaurant was Italian but unfortunately it was fully booked. So, we thought we’d try a pub we’ve often had a drink and snack at, but never a full cooked meal. What a good decision that was, it was delicious!

I’m always a bit concerned about eating out and wondering if I’ll be able to find anything vegan to eat, but I needn’t have worried. They had a pasta with tomato sauce, so I just asked them to leave off the parmesan on top – sorted! A side of salad and a bowl of chips and off you go!

No pics I’m afraid, too busy eating and enjoying our meal…

Tip for the day: Look for a simple dish on the menu that can be slightly altered to make it vegan, without making it too difficult for the restaurant kitchen (today all it took was for them to leave off the parmesan).

Enjoy your next meal out!


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